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When You Heal, They Heal

05.29.2024 • 10 minute read

The ability to sit with oneself and connect to a higher entity of power for understanding, wisdom and enlightenment has been the quest of many souls through time immemorial.  To some this connection seems to come so easy and with such grace and we refer to them as gurus or enlightened ones.  To many others this type of connection that leads to profound healing was thought to have been something that only “God” could bestow upon his rare chosen ones. The ability to achieve desired outcomes for growth and healing were in the past, topics only to be discussed behind closed doors or found in the sacred words of shamans and ancient medicine people living in the deep remote and wild jungles of the world.

And though some of this is true there lies a deeper truth to healing for everyone — the potential for a higher wisdom to come to you and guide you to a physical recovery or soulful discovery exists in the very center of each one of us.

It’s our thoughtful awareness to what we wish to change and our faith and trust in a higher divine existence that is all you truly need to ignite the healing path within.

I was once the Auto Immune Soul until…

When I reflect back on my healing journey, I realize that this inner guiding light was with me all the time but there were a few highlights that ignited this healing and brought to life my seven year healing journey where I went from Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis to my cure

  • I realized that I truly wanted to be healed, I didn’t want to live tied to a prescription for life.  I wanted my body back, my original healthy body that I was born with
  • I Surrendered to the illness… I know that sounds like I gave up or gave in but quite the opposite, I Surrendered to the higher guiding wisdom ( my personal God) and asked it to show me the way to healing.  No matter what that meant. I was open to something bigger than myself for the first time in my life.
  • I was willing to do the real work. To look at my life/disease as a whole picture and consider how my way of living was contributing to my illness.  I was finally ready to take a deep look into the habits of my emotions, emotional reactions, judgment of others and of myself and my daily thoughts and feelings to discover how I might be contributing to my own illness

To begin to heal, I first needed to know my own story if I was to discover my path to healing.


No one else can provide your path for you, because what you choose to believe and embrace as possible for You is simply up to no one but yourself.

No amount of linear, scientific research will ever be able to determine the exact degree of influence that the stories of our lives as lived out have impacted our current day beingness. What we consumed as children and growing up had formed me into that back then diseased existence of myself. No one had a cure for me, so I did the only thing that felt deeply true for me in that moment. At the age of 38 I set out to cure myself.

Along the path of my healing quest I realized that we often make sense of our world based on other people’s beliefs until we finally realize that the one and only true wisdom is one that no one else can provide for us. And lest we release the story others taught to us we will never find our true wisdom because it will lie buried behind the guidance of others.

That’s the nature of healing. It’s a blossom of personal power— A mysterious bloom that grows from deep within yourself and is deeply nourished as you allow your souls call for connection to love, to wisdom, to a new understanding to begin. A new beginning that will transcend everything that you were taught. And, with every open willing reflection to connect to the truth your inner bloom begins to reveal itself into a renewed inner energy and vitality that leads to healing from anything. Even an auto immune illness like mine did.

So how does this affect others and is healing contagious?

Re-learning myself and revealing my true beliefs took me on a seven-year journey that is often called the Hero’s journey. The wild soul ride with ups and downs and highs and lows. One that in the end offers the brave wandering soul the greatest gift possible.

To know themselves in the deepest way, to connect to life from a larger perspective and to create a life with the power of the universe on their side.

To live their life by divine design and to grow, change, heal and blossom into the most meaningful version of you. When others witness your blossom they naturally want to change too because happiness is contagious

Just as a flower prepares for her glory while buried deep within the soils of the earth we as souls in human bodies grow and change much the same way. It’s an inner journey until it manifests outwards And yet we see and feel the influence of growth, healing and newfound wisdom all around and within us once we start to notice that we truly hold the power for our greatest unfolding.

And here is where we become a gift for others. What we heal ripples out to our children, family, friends and inspires them to grow as well. Healing is our nature, its programmed into our cells, into our earth, into everything.

When you can forgive then, so can they.


You are the Super Bloom just a waiting to blossom and one bloom follows another

The stories we live with, and within our psyche over time build either health and wellness or a lack of it. We either renew our beliefs or we break down and deteriorate. I had lived with so many untrue stores inside of myself that I had physically dampened my inner vitality which led to my decade long battle with IBD from the ages of 28 to 38.

I was a series of emotions in turmoil, yet I had no idea this was causing my physical illness. Because I wasn’t taught to know feelings any differently.

Today I teach a beautiful path to healing. One that honors both the physical bodies needs as well as the soul, the mind and the connection that we all need to our divine higher existence. That eternal being-ness that I lovingly refer to as the one and only true stream of wisdom.

Super Bloom is my personal path to healing based on all the lessons of growth that I was guided to over my past 20 years.

Principles that are rooted in both modern day and ancient healing and wellness practices. Healing wisdom that transcends time and space yet is so deeply rooted in how our earth lives and thrives today. A sacred reciprocity of nourishing the vibration within and being nourished in return with a strong body and mind and a new found ability to navigate life, this earth and this moment of consciousness from a place of peace.

I learned that there is and will always be only one truth to healing. Through every generation, from ancient wisdom keeper to shaman, from country to country and tribe to tribe there is just one truth to healing

And its our responsibility, as human beings living today to pass this wisdom on.

This is how we all heal, together.

Today it is my greatest pleasure to share my personal healing journey with you. To guide you out of your illness and into the Super Bloom that you were born to become.

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